The Seven Core Competencies

Mike Barnes unique approach to coaching and Authentic Servant leadership is founded on these Seven Core Competencies.

When we think of the core and now the Seven Core Competencies think of them and how they work together in harmony as we learn how one competency pillar activates each other for optimal results as a defining strength.

Learner & Growth Mindset

Our mindful urge for learning is never in neutral and no life experience is wasted when we use it to grow

Active "Tuned in" Listening

We are always listening with intentional focus and energy tuned into every interaction

Acts of all Kindness

We are in search for all extensions of kindness both intentional and impromptu

Selfless Humility

We have consistent “all the time selfless” approachability with a you first me last presence

Unassuming Empathy

We are always aware with the intent to see, sense, feel, and unassumingly understand other’s feelings

Energetic Positive Influence

We lead ourselves and each other by example with an inner and outer presence of enthusiasm and an attitude of continuous encouragement verses the opposite discouragement

Trusting the empowering of others

We build an accountable trust to each other and encourage innovation, co-creation, and collaboration while in search of continuous improvement knowing we share our accountabilities of the decisions we make together

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