Mike Barnes
Do you truly have a relationship with your own possibilities?

 “If your heart in not right, no one cares about your leadership Skills” – The Heart of Leadership by Mark Miller

It is my goal as a coach to inspire others to achieve things they never dreamed they could. As a coach I am committed to developing an action plan that is custom fit to you and the leadership behavior / competency we will work to improve. We do not hope our way to improvement, we work together by developing our workout plan and putting in the repetitions that drive improved leadership behavior and transformational habits.

My question to you is do you have a full understanding of the reality of how those you serve and the stakeholders you interact with experience your behaviors daily? Is your reality measurable?

Because of my passion and the inspiration from others to have the courage to write a book about authentic servant leadership, I recently published the Amazon bestselling book Hardwired To the Heart – I work to help build an awareness of the behaviors that encourage the influential leader from those that scream authoritative, hierarchical leadership. I ask you this – Are you an Influential Leader or an Authoritative Leader? How do you know? Hardwired to The Heart and my coaching services provide a system and process that elevates the status to your own reality and the opportunity to learn, develop and practice one to two leadership improvement behaviors that encourage real authentic servant leadership.


Mike Barnes

When we are willing to do the work on engaging our hearts on the inside, we are also doing the work that impacts how others experience us on the outside. THE QUESTION IS HOW?

Reviews from Hardwired to the Heart – over 100 reviews from around the world

As a bestselling author and Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach® my certifications include individual one on one and team leadership coaching. With a learner mindset I have always been compelled to practice what I coach by continuing to be a student of the fascinating journey of servant leadership.  I am the current Leadership Coach for an executive on the Marshall Goldsmith leadership team.

I am also a certified member of the Stagen Integral Learning Program and currently enrolled in the Stagen Advanced Learning Program. I am also a Certified Life Coach from the Life Coach Training Institute.

Following my 38-year career as the CRO and servant leader of a top National distributor, I recently started Barnes Leadership and Strategy Coaching with my primary energy and focus on one-on-one leadership coaching. My tenured executive experience, passion for leadership development, along with my learning certifications provide every opportunity to work with you to advance your leadership skills custom fit to your leadership behavior opportunities.

I am also a bestselling children’s book author, writing four books with themes of love, care, and kindness. Like Hardwired to The Heart, my purpose for writing and publishing the children’s books is because I care deeply not only for this generation, but the generations to come.

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“Leadership Is A Privilege And Responsibility… We Get To Serve Others And Their Personal And Business Growth”
~ Mike Barnes